Spotlight: Business Services for $5 at

by Josh Buscay

fiverr-blog-header is a great website where you can find an endless number of services that people will do for you for just $5.  This is a great value as most of the services offered typically cost substantially more off-line.  In most cases you can expect good quality work that will add to your business efforts.

At Laughlin, we have utilized services from many times for special projects and think it is a great resource you can use for your business too.

Here is a list of the top 5 best business services at that you can use to help market and build your business:

1.) Logo Design

logoUsing to get a new logo for your business is a great way to get started. You will find hundreds of talented individuals with unique design styles to help you craft the perfect logo to represent your company. Not 100% sure what you are looking for? Book multiple gigs for logo design and compare each design to determine which is best for you.

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2.) Business Cards

Now that you have a logo, your next step will likely be to get some professionally designed business cards. A quick search for “Business Cards” on fiverr and you will be presented with hundreds of choices for professional card design concepts from which to choose.  Book a gig with someone who you think is a right fit, and before you know it, you will have a print-ready professional design tailored just for you.

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3.) Video Editing & Animation

Another great resource on is the Video & Animation services that are available. If you have a video that needs editing, are in need of a spokesperson to pitch your product, or if you need some custom animations to polish up your videos, look no further than fiverr. This continues to be a resource we rely on when needing video work for an insanely reasonable price.

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Tip: If you have the resources, book multiple jobs for each task you are looking to complete. This will give you a variety of styles to choose from in a short amount of time.


4.) Programming & Tech

webThe programming & tech category at fiverr can be a lifesaver. Are you having problems with your HTML or WordPress website? Check here first. Need a file converted from one format to another? No problem. There is someone who does just that!  Need an Apple or Android app created? You will find that too, and many other technical services that may end up being just what you needed to finish up your projects.

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Tip: When looking to book a gig, be sure to take a look at the seller’s ranking, reviews, average gig completion times, and how many gigs are currently in their queue to be sure they have the qualifications you require for the gig.


5.) Writing & Translation

It’s always a good idea to have your website content, blog posts, ad copy, and other written communications double checked to ensure proper spelling, grammar and composition. You will find some gigs on fiverr for people offering to do just that. These gigs usually have a quick turn around and can save you from having embarrassing typo errors. Don’t have any content yet? You’re in luck. You will also find an enormous amount of people with many background types who have the skills needed to help write professional content that can be utilized throughout your marketing efforts.

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Next time you have a small project that needs completed, and you do not have the time or expertise to accomplish it, turn to The answer to your problem could be as simple as spending $5.