Why Laughlin?

We don’t sell products…We offer solutions…We solve problems…We change lives…We make a difference.

Easily incorporate a business, form an LLC or take advantage of Laughlin’s entire range of incorporating services. With close to 40 years in the industry and more than 78,000 business entities formed, we are proud to be the oldest and most knowledgeable incorporating company in the industry. There is no question we can’t answer, no problem we can’t solve, no obstacle we can’t overcome and no business we can’t help. 

Our clients are our top priority; it is our duty to ensure they receive:

  • The highest quality products and services
  • Friendly, timely and helpful client care
  • Exceptional service and educational opportunities

Founded in 1972, Laughlin Associates is dedicated to perpetuating the entrepreneurial spirit and achieving excellence through:

  • professionalism and communication
  • providing quality and value added services
  • ensuring long-term profitability
  • building relationships with our customers
  • providing continuing professional development to our employees

Visit www.laughlinusa.com today and discover what you need to know in order to maximize the benefits of your business!