Business Credit: No Longer an Option, It’s a Must Have

by Aaron Scott Young

The asset protection your corporation provides could be wiped out overnight if you use your personal credit to secure loans, leases or buy equipment. When you sign a personal guarantee your personal assets can be used to repay the debt. Not to mention; you risk your own “personal” credit score.

The only way to reduce the need for personal guarantees is to have the corporation establish its own business credit. By building a solid business credit profile you will be able to start separating yourself from the debts of the corporation.

Business Credit:

  • Reduces the need for personal credit checks
  • Reduces the need for personal guarantees
  • Increases monthly cash flow by lowering interest rates
  • Establishes a business image and corporate credibility
  • Peace of mind, knowing business creditors cannot attack your personal assets

Business credit can be built with any business entity, but a corporate structure is recommended. A corporation provides the greatest separation between your personal and business credit. Not to mention; numerous tax savings and liability protection.

  • Separate your personal credit from your business credit.
  • Have access to lines of credit for business expansion.
  • Prepare for any current and future lending needs.
  • Save time with the major convenience of purchasing with open lines of credit instead of cash.
  • Use business credit to pay for business expenses, dining, travel, computers, auto expenses and much more.
  • Establish a business image and business credibility.
  • Greatly increase your ability to succeed long term.
  • Achieve compliance with the business credit market.

If you are among the thousands of business owners who are lost in the maze of how to correctly build your business credit, we can help provide the answers to the mystery.