Category: Asset Protection

Why Are Corporate Meeting Minutes So Important?

Corporate meeting minutes are legal records that document actions and approve business decisions made by the principals of the business throughout the year. It is imperative to have a documented paper trail that separates the owners from the company in order to maintain the liability protection your corporation provides. . State law requires corporations to […]

Why Every Small Business Owner Should be Concerned about Asset Protection

Success comes when you establish a layer of protection that allows you to take risk. Risks are a necessary part of being a business owner but you don’t have to walk into it blindly. As a small business owner you may have heard a story like this before: Five years ago, Susan and Frank quit […]

5 Steps to Protecting Your Small Business From Lawsuits

As the number of lawsuits continues to rise each year, it becomes even more risky for people to go into business for themselves. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of lawsuits impact companies making less than $1 million in revenue and 1 in 3 small business owners are sued or threatened with a law suit. Here are some […]

Tips for Starting a New Business

If you recently lost your job or have always dreamed about being your own boss, you may be getting ready to take matters into your own hands by starting your own business venture. Naturally, this is a risky proposition, especially during these turbulent times. Here are some practical suggestions to help you succeed: Be realistic. Don’t […]

3 Crucial Considerations To Help Tax Planning in a Divorce

Tax rules are daunting at the best of times and they’re more so at the worst of times, such as during a divorce, when you may feel too stressed to face decisions involving your taxes and personal assets. Yet the choices you make will affect your future, both financially and personally. These 3 rules will […]