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Increasing Your Business’s Worth By Establishing Business Credit

Business Credit is what makes up the financial foundation of a company, and is mandatory piece of running a successful business. Many startup businesses, and even fortune 500 companies, rely on the personal assets and credit to secure funding or credit for the business. This is a mistake and an incorrect way to start and […]

Are You Ready To Start A Business?

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with people all over the country. Some people have been in business for years and some are trying to decide if they are ready to make the leap to start their own business. Of course starting a business is not for everyone, but if you want to take control of […]

Business Credit: No Longer an Option, It’s a Must Have

The asset protection your corporation provides could be wiped out overnight if you use your personal credit to secure loans, leases or buy equipment. When you sign a personal guarantee your personal assets can be used to repay the debt. Not to mention; you risk your own “personal” credit score. The only way to reduce […]

How important is Personal Credit to My Business?

I wish we could say it doesn’t matter, I mean in today’s economy most people have been hit with a blemish on their credit score. Unfortunately if you are in business or looking to start a business and plan on seeking outside funding, business credit cards or lines of credit then a clean personal credit score means […]

Why Your Business Should Have a Bank Line Of Credit

Just exactly what is a bank line of credit and who should be using one? A bank line of credit is not a great deal different from a credit card. Primary differences are: You make draws against your line of credit from time-to-time as you need cash. You pay interest only on the amount of […]