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Tax Deductions For Your Vacation Home

The best type of income is tax-free income. Ordinarily, any rental income you receive is taxable. However, there is one little known exception that can be particularly useful this time of year. You can rent out your vacation home for up to 14 days per year and all the rental income you receive is tax […]

Top 10 Financial Tips For Business Owners

Finding ideas to grow your business can be challenging while actually doing what’s needed to run the business.  To give you a hand, we’re posting these  Top 10 Financial Tips for Business Owners by Jim Conaway for you to use as a guideline in potentially getting your business to the next level. Test Small & […]

Tips for Starting a New Business

If you recently lost your job or have always dreamed about being your own boss, you may be getting ready to take matters into your own hands by starting your own business venture. Naturally, this is a risky proposition, especially during these turbulent times. Here are some practical suggestions to help you succeed: Be realistic. Don’t […]

Could Crowdfunding Help Your Business?

Crowdfunding has generated $2.7 billion dollars in 2012 for businesses. What could that kind of money do for your business? The concept of crowdfunding has been around a long time but it has become more mainstream with the promotion of numerous crowdfunding on-line platforms that allow people to launch  a business campaign to raise funds. […]

The What and Why of an LLC

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are the sliced bread of the business world. Currently 7 out of 10 companies formed in the United States are LLC’s. In general, LLC’s are a hybrid between a corporation and a partnership. They offer flexibility in management and taxation.  Even though LLC’s  have become the popular choice we still receive […]