Our latest “Live Event” Was a Great Success!

by Josh Buscay

Live Event AttendeesWe just recently completed the “Millionaire Secrets of Using A Corporation or LLC Live Event” held in Reno, Nevada on April 23-24, and it was a great success! The event started off Friday morning in the crisp air of the Sierra Mountains with a light dusting of snow covering the ground and tree tops creating a stunning view from the wall of windows covering the length of the Tannenbaum Mountain Lodge.  As our guests arrived, they were met with an elegant breakfast as well as cups of fresh hot coffee and tea while networking with fellow attendees and the event presenters.  The size of the venue was limited to 50 attendees which resulted in a small group of entrepreneurs and business owners who had the advantage of learning in a more personalized one-on-one basis.  This turned out to be a blessing as it allowed not only the attendees the opportunity to get information specific to their individual situations, but gave us the opportunity to learn vital information from our guests as well.

What followed was a day packed with what was described as “an almost overwhelming amount of information crucial to the proper development and maintenance of any business”.  This was not in anyway a “feel good” pitch fest; rather it was an opportunity to learn very specific information that is priceless in the development and protection of your business and assets.  Attendees were provided with an interactive Blue Print Workbook to take notes and establish a solid strategy to take home with them.
Aaron Young with GuestsThe featured presenters for the event were; Aaron Young – CEO of Laughlin Associates Inc.; Jim Conaway – Conaway & Conaway; Kevin Day. Esq. – Owner Day & Associates Inc.; Berny Dohrmann – CEO of CEO Space International; and Matthew Pillmore – VIP Financial Education.  Each presenter brought a wealth of knowledge in industry-leading lessons and best practices in their particular field.  As a whole, the presenters painted an overall picture of what we call the “Rockefeller Strategy”.  This strategy incorporates the expertise from the presenters mentioned above, and when put into practice, creates an extremely stable business structure as well as rock-solid asset protection.

“Words cannot express my gratitude for all of your generosity of spirit, knowledge sharing, and the good you do in this world.  It takes a tremendous amount for me to be blown away and I am.”

– Meagan Holub

Day two began much like the first day, only on this day we were greeted with a little more than a dusting of snow.  We received closer to three inches!  However, we did not hear too many complaints as it created a view out the wall of windows that left some speechless.  We quickly got into training as the presenters offered information-intense talks and question-handling sessions that led to a wonderful group learning experience.  I don’t think their was anyone in the room, including the staff and presenters, who did not gain practical knowledge that could be applied in their lives and businesses immediately. Overall, the atmosphere of the event location, the small group of amazing business owners and entrepreneurs who attended, the information-rich training sessions, delicious and exotic catering for breakfast and lunch, the one-on-one sessions with the presenters, and the welcoming interaction of the attendees turned out to be a recipe for new friendships and successful business ventures.
Sailing on Lake TahoeOn Sunday, those who were able to stay had the opportunity to wind down the weekend with a yacht cruise on Lake Tahoe and a tour of Emerald Cove.  I know what you’re thinking, “that must have been cold!”  Quite the contrary though.  The skies over Tahoe cleared up, the sun came out, the snow had melted and we were able to enjoy a relaxing cruise with new friends, amazing views, and a general feeling of accomplishment.  As everyone departed, I could only imagine what they will be accomplishing in the weeks to come,  knowing they are now armed with the knowledge needed to accomplish their goals and the rejuvenation needed to see them through.

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