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4 Stir, Inc.

Diane D'Andrea has over 30 years experience in Advertising and Media Sales. Diane created 4 STIR, Inc. in 2010 after inventing her first product, The Spifter. This housewares product is patented and trademarked, and about to go international! Diane has several other products in development and recenty joint ventured with Widgeteer, Inc. Widgeteer, Inc. focuses on cool innovation in their pursuit and development of products. Diane is the President/CEO of 4 STIR, Inc., the VP/Marketing for Widgeteer, Inc., and Account Executive at ABC National Television Sales. Diane is also working with Glory Soldiers Global, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, committed to ending homelessness, which is a passion of hers. She also just added Contributing Editor for Inventor's Digest to her responsibililties. Diane lives outside of Chicago and is the mother of 16 year old twins.

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Diane D'Andrea

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