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As a successful dog breeder for over 30 years, currently specializing in AKC long coat Chihuahuas, with an award winning website in 2010-2011, gained further recognition as 2011-12 Entrepreneur of the Year representing Dog Breeding and Pet Services, plus the 2013 Breeder Award.

Because of our lifelong skills and finding the need in today's market, in 2010 we launched our Wiki Wags (R) - "Disposables". One of a kind - first of it's time Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps which have been a welcomed and trusted wrap used by many pet lovers nationwide. Then in Oct 2013, we added our exceptionally nice, quality enhanced, "Super-Wik" Piddle Pads that help wick the urine on the pad leaving less chance for a nasty urine soaked floor underneath.

With our proven track record in maintaining above average products, we hope to be around for a long, long time in hopes be a household name that every pet owner will recognize.

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Eugene and Linda Jangula

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