Corporate Health Checklist


Corporate Health Checklist, Will Your Corporation or LLC stand up to Scrutiny?

Will your Corporation or Limited Liability Company stand up to scrutiny?

Have you fallen behind in maintaining your corporate records? Are your assets protected? If you’re lost in the maze of corporate rules and regulations and you don’t know where your company stands, you can’t afford to wait another minute. Your business and your personal assets could be at risk.

We've created an incredibly useful tool called the Corporate Health Checklist. By simply completing this checklist, you can find out exactly how your company measures up to current corporate compliance standards. Complete our Corporate Health Checklist now and be entered into our weekly drawing to win a FREE Minute Book, crucial to your company's corporate compliance.

Basic Information


Your Corporate Health Checklist - Are You Meeting The Legal and Critical Requirements That Keep Your Company Strong?

If we asked you how healthy your business is right now, what would you say? Unfortunately, many business owners can’t answer that question because they don’t have a clear picture of what is required to maintain the legal validity of their companies.

This simple to use checklist is designed for corporations or limited liability companies, from brand new start-ups to existing businesses, you must meet the minimal requirements to stay in compliance.

Score your company's health. Simply click Yes or No, if the question doesn’t apply you can skip it.

Establishing A Solid Foundation

1.  Have you been holding your annual meeting and formally documenting the outcome?

2.  Do you have a corporate record book?

3.  Do you have the financial resources to meet your business obligations?

4.  Have all contracts been signed in the name of the company?

5.  Have you been comingling personal assets with business assets?

6.  Do you have insurance on your company?

7.  Have all financial obligations of the company been documented?

8.  Are you following the internal governance rules as outlined by your bylaws or operating agreement?

9.  Have you checked with the Secretary of State in the state where you formed your company to make sure you are current?


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