Making The Right Business Choice


Making The Right Choice

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Non-Profits, and S-Corporations all offer a world of benefits you could never get as a Sole Proprietor.

Which is right for you?

  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Savings
  • Credibility


Making The right Choice will provide you with:

  • Steps to starting a business on a solid foundation.
  • A complete comparison chart on C-Corporation vs. S-Corporation vs. Limited Liability Companies.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Corporations and LLCs
  • How to meet the compliance requirements of forming a company
  • The who, what, when and where of forming a Corporation.
  • Should you incorporate in a state like Nevada or Delaware?

 By the end of this guide you will know exactly which entity is the right one for your business and your personal situation. There is no "best" entity. There is only the best choice based on your individual and business situation and needs.

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