Laughlin Associates provided exactly the ‘nuts and bolts’ I needed to confidently turn my sole proprietorship into a full fledged LLC.

    - Robert De Mott,
    Santa Ana Heights, CA

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    We will ensure that the name you have selected is available and will process through. When selecting a name, make sure to include an Inc., or LLC at the end depending on which type of entity you select.

    Laughlin will prepare all the documents that need to be filed with the Secretary of State and confirm that they were processed.

    All states require you to have a Registered Agent who acts as the main point of contact for the Secretary of State and the taxing authorities to get in touch with you.

    We will provide you with the Operating Agreement for an LLC or the Bylaws for a Corporation; the official rules and regulations which govern a Corporation's management.

    We will be with you through the life of your business. When we say unlimited phone support we mean it. Call 1-800-648-0966 Mon.-Friday 8-5 PST. And we will be here to answer your question.

    Receive a free 30-minute tax strategy review provided by 1-800-Accountant.

    We expedite our internal processes to speed up your filing so that your company will be filed the same day with the appropriate state agency.

    When you receive your Corporate Kit you will find a Quick Start Guide. This handy resource will walk you through what actions you need to take now to get your company up and running the right way.

    The Complete Corporate Kit contains a “getting started” video that walks you through your customized kit. Your kit contains; Corporate Kit Customized Binder, 20 Customized Stock Certificates printed on high quality paper 24 lb thickness with watermark, Copy protected certs, Stock Transfer Ledger, Plain Minute Paper/Printed Minutes & Bylaws, Six Position Corporate Tabs, & More!

    As soon as you receive your Corporation Kit you will be contacted to set up a time to review the documents with a Kit Review Specialist. This is a great opportunity to get the insider's view on how to structure your business, issuing stock, who are the officers and directors and what are their roles. This valuable service is unique to Laughlin Associates.

    If you are going to start an S-Corporation we will provide you with the documentation and assistance to complete the 2553 form to send to the IRS.

    All companies are required to have an EIN number registered with the IRS. We will assist you with on-line filing and instant retrieval once your company is formed.

    All Corporations and LLCs must maintain corporate records. With the Corporate Veil Protection service we take the burden off your plate and do the work for you.

    We guarantee the integrity of your corporate veil up to $125,000. If you were to be sued and lose the protection of your Corporation, we will reimburse legal expenses up to $125,000 as a member of the Corporate Veil Protection Service.

    You will be assigned a specific corporate consultant who will work with you to make sure you are taking full advantage of your Corporation or LLC. They will coordinate with your CPA or attorney to develop strategies that will help your business grow while protecting your wealth.

    We will ship all completed documents via UPS to the physical address you provide. We cannot ship UPS to a P.O. Box.

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    state law requires businesses to use a street address. P.O. Boxes are not allowed. If your business is run out of your home, you can use that address.
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    Please provide your business information:
    The name of your company is very important. In most cases your name will have to show that you are incorporated or are a limited liability company so make sure to distinguish this by using Inc. or LLC at the end of your company name.
    In some cases the name you choose may not be availabe or may already be taken, that is why we ask that you submit a secon option. Please Confirm your pselling - we will file hte company specific to your request. How you type in your name is how it will be filed, please double check your spelling
    Brief description of your business will allow us to customize documents.

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    How will the LLC be managed?* (LLC’s can be managed one of two ways.)
    List The Members of the LLC. (The members will be the owners, can be a person, trust or another company)
    Corporation / S-Corporation Management information
    The Directors select the officers. The power of the Directors is usually spelled out in the by-laws of the company.
    Officers are elected by the Directors and usually manage the day to day operations of the company. One person can be the president, secretary and treasurer.
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    Additional services for your business.

    At Laughlin Associates we know it takes more than just filing a company to start you on the road to success. We have negotiated some special offerings for our clients. These are optional services available to you as a valued client of Laughlin Associates.

    S-Corporation-IRS filing

    We can prepare Form 2533 to be filed with the IRS to obtain S-Corporation status.

    Customized Complete Corporate Recordbook

    Receive a complete customized record book containing stock certificates, bylaws, corporate seal, transfer ledger, minute paper and more.

    Do you need help applying for your Federal Tax I.D?

    The Federal Employee Identification Number is required for all businesses utilizing a Corporation, LLC, Non-profit or Sole Proprietorship. This number will be used to file all appropriate taxes with the IRS.

    Certified Copy of Your State Documents

    A Certificate of Good Standing is issued by the state and shows proof that you are eligible to do business in the state. This formal document shows that your business has met the requirements in the jurisdiction in which your company was formed.

    Corporate Veil Protection Service

    You are required by law to maintain accurate and timely corporate minutes for your company. The Corporate Veil Protection service provides the hands on service to complete all your corporate records, to include minutes, resolutions, annual filings and on-going maintenance. Without the right documentation you risk the liability protection your company provides. With the Corporate Veil Protection Service we provide on-going document concierge service for your business.

    The Corporation Manual

    The Corporation Manual provides the nuts and bolts you need to know to run your company right. How to issue stock, organizing your board of directors, keeping your company in good standing and how to maximize the tax deductions.

    Business License Compliance Package

    After you form your business you will need to meet the state, county and city requirements for licensing. If you would like a complete package of the necessary documents you need to complete delivered to your door register for the comprehensive business license compliance package. Includes the permits, licenses and tax registration forms specific to your industry.

    Getting Started Quick Start Review

    Once your company is formed you will be required to complete certain documents that bring your company to life. To help get you started we will provide you with the hands on assistance you need to understand what you need to do next. You will receive a one on one consultation with an experienced paperwork concierge who will walk you through your initial documentation and answer your questions.

    Living Trust for Couples

    The most comprehensive and complete way to protect your assets and loved ones. Avoid probate court and allow your assets to pass seamlessly to your beneficiaries with a Trust-Based Estate Plan.

    Living Trust for Individuals

    The most comprehensive and complete way to protect your assets and loved ones. Avoid probate court and allow your assets to pass seamlessly to your beneficiaries with a Trust-Based Estate Plan.

    The Secrets Masterclass

    Design for business owners, who already have a corporation or LLC, or those who should. This 4-part online module module class includes protecting your assets, reducing your taxes and scaling your business plus updated bonus videos throughout your membership.

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    Optional services for your business.

    At Laughlin Associates, we know it takes more than just filing a company to start you on the road to success.

    Get Started Consultation Consultation

    It’s important to start your company off right. Check the box to schedule a 30-minute get started consultation.

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